Cityscape Technology

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Our Core Value

Cityscape Technology practices enduring values for creating a workplace where our people can enjoy individual growth and collective success — enabling them to implement the company’s mission.


In our workplace, honesty must prevail within all aspects. We encourage our people to be always themselves and choose to do the right thing even when nobody is watching.


Confidence leads to the best results. Our culture enables people to express their opinions freely and avoid passiveness. All professional inputs are valued for successfully achieving company goals.


We must practice active listening with all our colleagues. It is everyone’s duty to remain compassionate in the workplace — giving rise to better collaboration, learning, and innovation.


Despite diverse skills, experience, and backgrounds, we are all working towards a collective goal. Collaboration among all individuals and across teams is essential to our mutual success.


We want our people to always seek continuous development. Knowing what drives our employees, opportunities for horizontal growth, and goal setting is a vital part of our work philosophy.


Curious minds have the ability to perceive, observe, and anticipate new ideas. Our workplace will always have room for new ideas and the opportunity to bring them to life.


Chief Executive Officer


Adnan is the chief executive officer. With three decades of extensive experience in the North American real estate market, Adnan is considered one of the futuristic industry leaders and is invited as a guest speaker at various economic forms related to the global real estate industry.