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Introducing Google Maps’ New Features: Glanceable Directions, Updates to recent and Immersive View Expansion

Google Maps has been an absolute lifesaver for over one billion people worldwide, helping them navigate and discover the world around them. But here’s the exciting part: thanks to their incredible investments in AI, Google Maps now goes above and beyond to bring you the most relevant and helpful information about the real world with new features.


Glanceable directions


Google is introducing a cool new feature called “glanceable directions”. With this feature, tracking your trip progress becomes super convenient. You can now see all the important information right from your lock screen or the route overview. No need to switch to full navigation mode anymore! By simply opting in and requesting directions to your destination, you’ll get all the important updates on estimated arrival times (ETAs) and upcoming turns.


And here’s the best part: if you decide to take a different route, Google Maps will automatically adjust your trip accordingly. This feature will be rolling out gradually worldwide soon for both Android and iOS devices, covering walking, cycling, and driving modes.


Updates to Recents


Google has also added another fantastic feature that lets you save places in your Recent highlights, even if you close the Google Maps window. Why is this super convenient?  Well, it means you can take a break from planning your trips and come back to it later without losing any progress.


According to Christina Tong, a senior product manager at Google Maps, they wanted to give users the freedom to remove places they’ve already seen, plan multiple trips at once, and even share a selection of places with their travel buddies to get their input. So, they can easily collaborate and gather opinions on attractions or hotels.


Immersive View


With its new amazing feature called Immersive View, Google has taken virtual exploration to a whole new level. It is using cutting-edge AI technology to create a virtual experience like no other. They’ve gathered a massive collection of images to construct a multidimensional perspective of these locations. It’s like stepping into a whole new world right from your screen! And the best part? They’ve packed it with layers of reliable information, so you’ll have all the facts and details at your fingertips.


With these incredible updates, Google Maps is proving once again why it’s the go-to navigation app for over one billion people worldwide. Whether you’re tracking your trip progress with glanceable directions, seamlessly resuming trip planning with saved places in Recents, or immersing yourself in virtual exploration with Immersive View, Google Maps has got you covered. Say goodbye to navigation headaches and hello to a world of convenience and discovery with the latest features from Google Maps. 

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