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Redefining Real Estate’s Landscape Learn More

Redefining Real Estate’s Landscape

In our enlightening past Tech Talk titled “PropTech: Redefining Real Estate’s Landscape,” we delved into the intriguing world of Proptech. The talk unraveled PropTech’s essence and how it benefited end-users. It explored all the handy info you can find on property websites, chatted about the latest trends, and how looking at old data can help predict the future. It even uncovered the mystery behind AVM (Automated Valuation Model) and peeked into the exciting future of PropTech.


Speaker: Waleed Saleem

Engineering Lead

Moderator: Umair Javaid

Lead Digital Marketing


You’ll specifically learn:

  1. The essence of PropTech and how it benefits end-users
  2. How to navigate property websites and access useful information
  3. Insights into the latest trends in real estate technology
  4. The significance of historical data in predicting future real estate trends
  5. An exploration of AVM (Automated Valuation Model) and its role in property valuation


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Chief Executive Officer


Adnan is the chief executive officer. With three decades of extensive experience in the North American real estate market, Adnan is considered one of the futuristic industry leaders and is invited as a guest speaker at various economic forms related to the global real estate industry.