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OKR: A Goal Setting Framework

In this tech talk, titled “OKR: A Goal Setting Framework,” we explore the world of OKR (Objectives and Key Results) and its significance as a powerful goal-setting methodology. It begins with an introduction to OKR, emphasizing the importance of defining clear goals and shifting focus toward measurable outcomes. It also highlights the appropriate level at which OKRs should be set within an organization and delve into the scoring mechanism of OKRs.


Speaker: Asim Ghaffar
Vice President Engineering and Innovation


You’ll specifically learn:

  • OKR fundamentals
  •  Importance of defining clear goals
  • Craft measurable key results to track progress
  • Setting OKRs at the right level
  • Discover the mechanism for evaluating OKR performance and achievement
  • Types of key results


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Adnan is the chief executive officer. With three decades of extensive experience in the North American real estate market, Adnan is considered one of the futuristic industry leaders and is invited as a guest speaker at various economic forms related to the global real estate industry.