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Threads by Meta: Your New Social Powerhouse – Everything You Need to Know and How to Get Started!

Facebook-parent company Meta has officially launched Threads, an app created by the Instagram team. Whether you’re a content creator or someone who loves sharing thoughts casually, Threads provides the perfect platform for text-based sharing. What’s cool is that it provides a fresh and separate space for real-time updates and public conversations.


Meta’s vision with Threads is to take Instagram’s magic and expand it into the world of text. They wanted to create a space that’s positive, creative and lets users freely express their ideas. Just like on Instagram, people can connect with friends and creators who share their interests, both from Instagram and beyond.


How to Use Threads


Joining Threads is super easy! Just use your Instagram account to log in. No hassle at all! Your Instagram username and verification details will seamlessly carry over to Threads, giving you the option to customize your profile specifically for this app. And here’s a key point to note: if you’re under 16 (or under 18 in certain countries), your profile will automatically be set to private when you join Threads.


Once you’re in Threads, your feed will showcase threads posted by the people you follow. But that’s not all – it also suggests relevant content from fresh creators you haven’t discovered yet. And when it comes to posting, you have plenty of space to express yourself with up to 500 characters, and you can easily share links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes long.


Here’s the cherry on top: sharing your Threads post to your Instagram story or any other platform is incredibly simple! With just a few taps, you can spread your thoughts and ideas to the world.


Meta’s Threads vs. Twitter


Threads has entered the competition as the newest platform hoping to surpass Twitter when it comes to real-time, public conversations. And you know what? It might have the best chance of succeeding.

In recent months, many Twitter users have been searching for an alternative, especially since Musk took charge of the platform. It’s no secret that there have been frequent technical issues and policy changes that made some regular and important Twitter users say their goodbyes.


But here’s where Meta has an advantage over Twitter: its huge existing user base. Meta aims to attract a portion of its more than 2 billion active Instagram users to this new app. In comparison, Twitter’s active user base is around 250 million. That’s a big difference!


As Threads captures the attention of users worldwide, it proves to be a game-changer in the world of social media. With its impressive popularity and user-friendly interface, Threads offers a unique space where creativity knows no limits. Meta’s vision to expand the magic of Instagram into the world of text has resonated with users, providing a positive and expressive platform. Threads’ rapid growth and large user base position it as a strong competitor to redefine real-time conversations. 


Up until now, there have been over 97 million accounts on the Threads app. Can you believe it? That’s a huge number of people who have joined the app and are using it to connect and share with others.

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